Livres sur l'exposition de Brisbane de 1988 (Expo'88)

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Livres sur l'exposition de Brisbane de 1988 (Expo'88)

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World EXPO88 - The Official Souvenir Program
Editeur : Souvenir Program Enquiries
Année de sortie : 1988
Langue : Anglais


Introduction de Sir Llew Edwards, Président de l'Exposition:

After eight years' involvement in World Expo 88, I am absolutely delighted that the $600 million dream has become an amazing reality.
When the concept of staging an international exposition in Brisbane was first put forward by the then Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, I considered it a very ambitious plan. As the State Treasurer, I saw difficulties in the funding of it, but fully supported the Premier's enthusiasm.
When I was later appointed chairman of the Expo authority, little did I realise the enormous demands the job would entail.
Four years ago, when I started attending meetings, people did not understand what an Expo was. There was no enthusiasm, a lot of criticism and even some cynicism that the event would ever happen.
One of the highlights has been the tremendous team of around 300 staff that has worked on this massive project.
By the end of 1987, after about 4,000 meetings and a lot of uphill promotion by the authority, everyone had caught the Expo excitement. We began the work needed to cope with an outstandingly successful event.
Without the hard work and personal dedication of the people
who make up the authority, World Expo 88 would still be a dream.
The building of the authority team was at times difficult and cause for some criticism, but we felt that the end result of the project could only depend on a successful, well-knit, hardworking team. And I pay tribute to the significant effort of each member of this team.
Another significant highlight has been the way in which the authority has fulfilled each of its goals.
We have surpassed our original aim to have 30 government participants. We have 52.
We have exceeded our target of 10 corporations. We have more than 20 corporate pavilions.
Our aim to achieve a break-even point financially looks well within reach. Two months before opening day, tickets equivalent to our projected attendance of 7.8 million visits already had been sold.
I feel very proud that the authority has been able to achieve and surpass these goals.
And, as I look forward to the next six months of celebration, I have no doubt the event will fulfil all our expectations.

Introduction de Sir Edward Williams, Commissaire Général de l'Exposition :

As the representative of the Australian Government I 'm warmly welcome you to Brisbane and World Expo 88. Australia is proud to host the first world exposition to be held in the Southern Hemisphere this century.
This spectacular world fair is the major international event of Australia's Bicentennial celebrations and, I believe, has far exceeded most people's hopes and expectations.
This magnificent 40-hectare site on the South Bank of the Brisbane River gives a unique opportunity to sample
international culture and cuisine, and examine the latest developments in technological wizardry that have increased and enhanced our leisure time.
There are priceless treasures on show from around the world, some never before brought to this country, and a feast of world-class entertainment and amusements.
So as you explore this international playground, let me again wish you welcome and an enjoyable visit. We look forward to seeing you again and again at World Expo 88.

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