The Expo-Book - The official Catalogue of the Expo 2000

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The Expo-Book - The official Catalogue of the Expo 2000

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The Expo-Book - The official Catalogue of the Expo 2000 with CD-ROM - Expo 2000 Hannover
Editeur : Expo 2000 Hannover Gmbh, Hanovre
Année de sortie : 2000
Langue : Anglais


Préface de Johannes Rau, Président Fédéral :

Like no other event EXP02000 in Hanover will make it clear it to us that the world is growing ever closer together and that we are ever more dependent on each other in this one world. The whole world is presenting itself in the microcosm of the World Exposition. Every visitor to the EXPO can experience and walk the world in miniature in the true sense of the word.

Over 180 countries and many international organizations are taking part in EXP02000, which is being held in the Federal Republic of Germany for the first time. They are all presenting their ideas and their experiences of how we can shape the future of this one world together and live together in peace thanks to the practical use of common sense and intelligence in politics, science and industry.

In a Thematic Area fascinating technologies and visionary ideas are presented that are designed to make the visitors think about the great opportunities that the offer to us and how we want to use them.

EXP02000 is the first in the history of World Expositions that not only takes place on the exhibition site in Hanover but is also associated with projects in all parts of Germany and in many other countries. I find this particularly fascinating and it underlines the joint responsibility that we bear for our world. These projects are examples of how different and similar responses to the global challenges are sought and found all over the world. For example, they
Under the key theme "Humankind — Nature — Technology: A new world arising" EXPO2000 shows how we can create a society that is hospitable. We arc standing at the transition into an age that will be increasingly marked by dealings with and the exchange of data and by the tremendous changes that this will bring about. We should see this as an opportunity. In spite of all the difficulties, risks and fears that we have to take seriously, EXP02000 shows that the future is not an inevitable fate; much rather it is dependent on how we set the course and what we do on this course.

EXP02000 is taking place ten years after German Unity. The world will therefore be eagerly looking to see what sort of Germany has emerged at the heart of Europe in these ten years. This offers us the opportunity to show how we can use our strengths to promote people living together in our own and in the common interest and what ideas and signals we have for the new century.
EXPO2000 brings together participants and visitors from all over the world. We should use it to show that we are good hosts and to promote mutual understanding peoples. I wish all the participants and all the guests interesting encounters and experiences.

Préface de Gerhard Schröder, Chancelier Fédéral :

To all participants in and visitors to EXP02000 in Hanover I extend my best wishes and a warm welcome to this the first World Exposition in Germany.
At the start of the new century the Federal Republic of Germany has invited the peoples of the earth to present ideas for shaping our common future at EXP02000. We are proud that around 190 states and international organizations have taken up this invitation.

On the basis of the key theme "Humankind — Nature — Technology: A new world arising", the exhibitors in Hanover will, over 153 days, present their ideas, concepts and visions for living together on this planet. At the same time EXP02000 is being accompanied in many countries by practical initiatives designed to give local answers to global questions. The gratifying response and the impressive, varied programme for this year's World Exposition prove that this international event has lost none of its appeal since the first exhibition was held in London 150 years ago.

World Expositions have always played an important role in transcending the borders between nations and bringing individuals and peoples together. This, I believe, is the fascination of EXP02000: it gives every visitor the chance to get to know the world on foot, as it were.

Where else can one gain on a 160-hectare site an immediate impression of the way of life and cultural identity of other countries and peoples and at the same time see and experience how we all hope to master the challenges of the 21st century?

EXP02000 has made it its task to fire enthusiasm for the future. The Thematic Area, the pavilions of the participating nations, the "Projects around the world" and the Culture and Events Programme are designed to arouse visitors' curiosity about what lies ahead.

I know that the tremendous pace of the changes taking place sparks not only excitement about the future, but in many people also triggers anxiety. EXP02000 will demonstrate in a convincing and accessible way that we can indeed master the challenges facing us. With the aid of practical examples it shows us how we might meet the challenges of tomorrow's world and cope with the changes ahead.

I am sure that EXP02000 will give many important impulses for our common life in the future.
I wish the representatives of the participating nations and organizations as well as all guests and visitors a successful and exciting time at EXP02000.

Préface de Gille Noghes, Président du BIE :

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Member States of the Bureau International des Expositions (B.I.E.) 1 welcome you most cordially to the World Exposition for the year 2000. We are very pleased that Germany was prepared to take on the organization of a major exhibition about such an interesting subject in this significant year. The task of our trans-governmental organization is to specify the time between World Expositions, to monitor their quality and their smooth running and to check their contents. We are convinced that all of the conditions have been met for making EXP02000 a great success and that it will leave a lasting impression in the demanding history of World Expositions.

The whole world is meeting in Hanover at EXP02000!

If you have already visited a World Exposition you will know about the magic that emanates from these events and you will hardly be able to wait to immerse yourself in this extraordinary universe.
If you have not yet had this experience prepare yourself to discover the best that our planet has to offer. Take advantage of every moment at EXP02000 to expand your knowledge, to give your children a new view of the world and to meet people from the remotest, sometimes unknown, countries. Try specialities from all over the world in a relaxed atmosphere. Experience any number of journeys and adventures in a single visit!

The world is visiting Germany at EXP02000!

What a symbol of hope, what a message of peace! We, the citizens of the Earth, regardless of our ages and where we live, have to wish that permanent peaceful relations will develop between peoples. The foundation of peace is culture; the precondition for understanding is dialogue. EXP02000 is a model of culture and community living that is supposed to make it easier for women and men from all countries to get to know and appreciate each other better. My German friends who tore down the wall of lack of understanding that separated you from each other for so long: the world thanks you for your hospitality and the opportunity to be able to participate in your joy about your re-created unity and internal peace.

At EXP02000 man can ask questions about his relations to Nature and Technology ... and finds answers that may help him to face up to the challenges of the future. How can we deal with nature so that our environment is conserved? How can we give back to nature what it has so extravagantly given us? How can we use technology and prevent it from being misused? How far can we go with technology in scientific research, in the development of a virtual world, in everyday life? We expect that EXPO2000 with its thematically arranged pavilions, the pavilions of the participating countries and international organizations and with its conferences and much more, it will give us a peep into the future.

You, the hosts of EXPO2000, organisers and participants, who have prepared this EXPO with a great deal of care and are now our "Amphitryons" deserve our admiration and gratitude. Take part in this festival that you have created for our great pleasure!
You, the visitors to EXP02000, are entitled to knowledge, and EXPO offers it to you. But it also offers you many pleasures that are appropriate to this event. Get into the spirit and discover that you can feel at home anywhere in the world thanks to EXP02000!

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