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Paul Nottingham

Assistance request

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Dear Sir/Madame,
Please excuse me writing in English.
I am researching a painting (please see attached). On the reverse is a stamp but,
unfortunately, it is not complete.
You can, however, read "Exposition Universelle" - but I cannot read the remainng
Would it be possible for you to look at the photographs and tell me if you can
identify the information on the stamp ?
In addition ,if it is from Exposition Universelle would there be a list of
exhibitors ?... I have the signature of the artist but cannot read it!
Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated

thank you
Paul NottinghamLondon


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Re: Assistance request

Message par worldfairs »

In Fact, I think that the stamp is:

Expositions Universelles
Médaille de Bronze
Papiers Cartons toilés?
Anti -?????

EG. ????? (the paper mark)
Marque déposée
Made in France

I think there is no connection between your painting and the world exhibitions except for the drawing paper that was awarded at the world exhibitions (bronze medal).
Pour tout savoir sur les expositions universelles et internationales.


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