The Book of Expo Guidebooks

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The Book of Expo Guidebooks

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The Book of Expo Guidebooks
Auteur: Gordon Linden
Année de sortie : 2016
Pages: 218
Langue : Anglais
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Guidebooks from major International Expositions held between 1929 (Barcelona, Seville) and today (2015, Milan), are interesting records of the entertaining and educational temporary worlds created at these events in various cities throughout the world. Published as ephemeral items to be purchased by fairgoers, copies occasionally turn up at flea markets, in antiquarian bookstores, and on internet bookstore sites. This collection of images from the various events, along with a description of the contents of the books, is sure to appeal to memorabilia collectors as well as those seeking to learn more about the history of Expos and World's Fairs.

Pour tout savoir sur les expositions universelles et internationales.

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