My visit to Expo 2005 Aichi Japon

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My visit to Expo 2005 Aichi Japon

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I joined this forum recently.
Having forgotten what little bit of French I learned years ago in college, I translated you postings into English and read what you had found at Expo Aichi. Some of you might be interested to know what Expo Aich was like to a Japanese visitor who was not young and strong. I purchased a ticket to the Expo months before the opening, but it was toward the closing day that I visited the Expo because media report about crowds from all over the country thronging all along around the Expo kind of daunted me. I couldn't afford to waste my ticket, however, so one hot summer day I screwed myself up and made a two-hour train trip to Expo. On getting throgh the gate and all the security procedures, I made a bee line to the Italian Pavillion where I admired a beautiful Greek statue sans arms, which had been salvaged from a wrecked boat by a team of archaeologists, some Japanese among them, and then joined the queue leading to the frozen mammoth, which had been unearthed in Siberia. These were the highlights of the day, and in addition I just took a look at a few least crowded pavillions. To me Expo Aich was experiencing encounter with pricelss pieces of history.

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Thanks about your comment Joan, it's always nice and interesting to have this kind of advice... and especially your feeling during the visit... and maybe more your feeling after... when it just remain memories.

Peronnaly, I never visit an expo... it's only virtual for the moment... but that really give me the envy to do it one day :D

...even if crownds make me afraid 8)


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