London 1851, The Year of the Great Exhibition

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London 1851, The Year of the Great Exhibition

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London 1851, The Year of the Great Exhibition
Auteur : Eric de Maré
Editeur : The Folio Press. J.M. Dent Ltd
Année de sortie : 1973
Langue : Anglais

 London 1851, The Year of the Great Exhibition

Préface :

Prince Albert's Great Exhibition of All Nations was alluring, imaginative, and ambitious as a project.

Incredibly, the actuality, if anything, exceeded the promise. Over six million people passed through the turnstiles in less than six months, and somehow in that period London digested and absorbed over twice its own population in visitors - the first city in the world to have suffered a tourist explosion.

The Exhibition was contained in one of the greatest architectural monuments ever conceived, The Crystal Palace, which housed some 100,000 objects of every kind, exhibited over a total frontage of more than ten miles, by over 15,000 contributors, right in the centre of the city, on the banks of the Serpentine.

This remarkable story has been set down by Eric de Mare in a narration which admirably catches the bustle of life, confusion and improvisation in a year which was a true watershed - as Thomas Hardy said 'A precipice in time'.

His book is more than a good re-telling of an old story, because no previous writer has had the support of so many reproductions from the wealth of contemporary prints in full colour.

This fascinating survey shows not only what it was, but how it happened : what sort of London it happened to, and what sort of London it bequeathed to us after the show was over.

Pour tout savoir sur les expositions universelles et internationales.

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