Official Guide Book - World's fair 1934

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Official Guide Book - World's fair 1934

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Official Guide Book - World's fair 1934
Editeur : A century of Progress - Internal Exposition - Chicago
Année de sortie : 1934
Langue : Anglais

 Official Guide Book - World s fair 1934

Préface de Rufus C. Dawes - Président de l'exposition :

This is the official guide book to A Century of Progress International Exposition in 1934, the World's Fair at Chicago. It contains the fullest and most accurate information possible for the purpose of directing our visitors how to find everything in the Exposition and how to make use of the Exposition's facilities for their comfort and convenience.

In preparing this official guide book we have had in mind, first: the making of a guide that would be most useful to the visitor at the Exposition, and second: a record and summary that would be most useful to the visitor afterward, as a souvenir and as an aid to classifying his recollections of what he has seen at the Fair.

Many important additions have been made to the Exposition this year. With these the scientific background has been retained, with numerous improvements in operation. Every possible improvement which a year's experience could suggest for the comfort and enjoyment of our visitors has been put into effect. The Exposition is before you and we bid you welcome.

Pour tout savoir sur les expositions universelles et internationales.

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