The World came to St Louis-A visit to the 1904 World's Fair

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The World came to St Louis-A visit to the 1904 World's Fair

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The World came to St Louis - A visit to the 1904 World's Fair
Auteur : Dorathy Daniels Birk
Editeur : Chalice Press
Année de sortie : 1979
Langue : Anglais

 Book - The World came to St Louis - A visit to the 1904 World s Fair

Quatrième de couverture :

"The Fair is an exhibit of the best efforts of man from the beginning of society. It is the scene of friendly competition between all civilized countries, all states, territories, possessions of the United States, in products of soil, mine, and sea, and in achievement in every line of human endeavor.
It has brought to our very doors, the best output, material, artistic, philosophic, that the race has produced and it gave to all who entered the gates a wider knowledge, a broader culture, and an inspiration as well.
Let us pray that they [memories of the Fair] may kindle deep civic pride and incite to noble effort many public minded citizens."
—David R. Francis, President of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company

I commend the book to you so that you may relive the glory of the single most significant happening in the history of St. Louis. And I do so with the hope that the inherent challenges in it will continue to be met, keeping our city at the level it enjoyed when 'The World Came to St. Louis."
—August A. Busch, Jr.

Souvenir medals were minted in silver, bronze, copper, and gilt for sale in the U.S. Government Building in connection with the exhibit of the U.S. Mint. In addition a few were minted in gold-plated bronze. The medals, most of which were bronze, were very popular with visitors to the Fair because nearly 100,000 were sold. The medals were minted daily on a coining press brought from Philadelphia while crowds watched. The gilded medals cost 50c while the ordinary pieces sold for 25c.

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