Japan Air Lines Presents Expo'70 - The Year of Japan

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Japan Air Lines Presents Expo'70 - The Year of Japan

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Japan Air Lines Presents Expo'70 - The Year of Japan
Année de sortie : 1970
Langue : Anglais


Introduction Shizuma Matsuo, Président Japan Air Lines (JAL) :

I am very glad to have the opportunity of introducing this book on Expo'70, the Orient's first world exposition. Since the very beginning - when Expo'70 consisted only of dreams and ideas - JAL has worked very closely with the Expo'70 Association. The exposition is, of course, of interest to JAL because it is a great drawing card for potential travelers to the Orient. But more than this, EXPO'70 is the realization of a dream of Japanese people —a dream of making of country a bridge between the Orient and the Occident, between all peoples of the world.

Believing strongly in the aims of EXPO'70. and having been designated "the official airline EXPO'70", we at JAL have been contributing to its success wherever and however it has be possible —particularly in the area of publicizing the exposition to both individuals and the travel trade around the world. JAL has also set up two special JAL/EXPO information desks at the Osaka International Airport where English-speaking JAL personnel will be happy to answer any questions and do whatever they can to help with any problems. We are confident that EXPO'70 will be a glowing success and, for our part, cordially invite all of you to come and experience for yourselves the orient's first world exposition Expo'70 - it makes 1970 truly the year of Japan.

Une vingtaine de pages sur l'Expo et surtout le Japon. Mais comportait des itinéraires pour visiter l'Expo.

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Livres sur l'exposition d'Osaka de 1970 (Expo'70)

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Je connaissais son existence, sans jamais l'avoir vu, merci Philippe :D


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