Council of Europe Pavilion / Pavilhão do Conselho da Europa

Expo Lisbon 1998 - Architecture, pavilions, gardens, urban furniture, pictures, drawings, videos
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Council of Europe Pavilion / Pavilhão do Conselho da Europa

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: Ocean of Ideas
Area: 324 m2
Authors: Daniel Carneiro, Eduardo Mota, Nuno Correta and Pedro Ganho
Honour Day: 10 September
Additional information: the Ocean of Ideas competition aims to involve citizens in reflecting on the planet we want for the 21st century

Tribute to the Expo'98 workers

Created by a team of young Portuguese people who won a competition launched by the Clube de Artes e Ideias and by the State Secretariat for Youth, the space makes the activities of the Council of Europe known through messages written on the walls and permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Highlights include a photo exhibition on the Expo workers, signed by the photographer Sophie Mogadoux, which pays tribute to all those who made this project a reality.

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