Norwegian Pavilion 1889

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Re: Norwegian Pavilion 1889

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Well, it is possible to contact him by private message by clicking on his username. You will arrive on a new page where you can click "send a private message" and that's it!
I hope this was useful to you.
Sincerely, Céline.

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Re: Norwegian Pavilion 1889

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Thanks Celine... He did not answer....


Re: Norwegian Pavilion 1889

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Good evening.
I’m sorry I’ve been out of reach.
I’ll try to give the answer you’re looking for.

Earlier this autumn I got a question about a villa called “The Chalet” in Symonds Yat, in Herefordshire, UK.
Could it be a Norwegian chalet?

It is reasonable to believe that it was the Swedish manufacturer B. F. Olander who delivered the chalets in your photos.

I have found several buildings around that have / had the same details, such as the railing in your pictures.

All of these are referred to as "Swedish".
Here are some examples:

1. Rosapanna Hotel i Irland. ... o-donegal/
An unusual looking building for Ireland, but with good reason as it was designed in Stockholm, constructed in wood, and shipped to Mulroy. It was built as a golfing destination – with a links course surrounding it. Sadly the Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1962. ... slate-row/
He also began work on building a hotel and golf course in nearby Rosapenna. In 1892, he went to Sweden to obtain wood and technicians for building his Rosapenna Hotel.

2. The pavilion "Latterie Suedoise" from the world exhibition in Paris 1889 has the same railing. In the catalog of the official photographer from the exhibition; Glucq you will find a picture of the pavilion, back to the right ... 0093/image 

3. The Swedish villa, Bernstorffer park, Gentofte, Denmark was delivered as a Swedish pavilion to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Copenhagen in 1888. After the exhibition, the pavilion was sold to Queen Louise and placed in the park. The villa has identical railings with the other three buildings ... jertebarn/

Best Regard
Anders Björlykke

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Re: Norwegian Pavilion 1889

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I just found some amazing pictures from the 1889 Fair showing the rear side of the Norwegian pavilion and a picture of the front facade of the Dahl's Pure Milk Syndicate-pavilion, also produced by Thams. What a marvelous treat :D

M. Thams & Co - Norwegian Pavilion, rear side

M. Thams & Co - Store House on Pillars, Pavilion for "The Dahl's Pure Milk Syndicate"


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