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The Artist Guide to Chicago and the World's Columbia Expo

Posté : 15 sept. 2011 06:56 pm
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The Artist Guide to Chicago and the World's Columbia Exposition - illustrated
Editeur : Columbia Art Company
Année de sortie : 1892
Langue : Anglais

 Book - The Artist Guide to Chicago and the World s Columbia Exposition - illustrated

Préface de l'éditeur :

The wonderful growth of Chicago, from a moorland traversed only by Indian trails in 1831, to a splendid metropolis with a million and a quarter of inhabitants in 1891, furnishes food for a story far beyond the possibilities of this small volume.

No more has been attempted here than to acquaint the reader with the principal events in the history of the city; to point out such places and things as would be most likely to awaken a lively interest in the mind of the visitor, and to give the general public at least a faint impression of what the World's Fair is to be.

Our information has been gathered from the most reliable sources. We have endeavored to present it in a clear, concise and interesting manner. Our aim is to furnish the public with a guide to the pleasant, the instructive and the amusing, and not to compile an encyclopedia of dry facts.