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Official Guide Book - Seattle World's Fair 1962

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Official Guide Book - Seattle World's Fair 1962
Editeur : Acme Publications
Année de sortie : 1962
Langue : Anglais


Préface :

Welcome to the Seattle World's Fair.

Officially known as the Century 21 Exposition, this fair has been inspired by the promise of a new age before the world—the age of space. Briefly, the fair had humble origins nearly 10 years ago. It began with, the idea that Seattle should stage a festival for the West and at the same time commemorate the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, which was held here in 1909.

The City of Seattle merged its plans for a new civic center with those of the fair, and the Washington Legislature also made the entire state an active participant. The state has provided the huge Washington State Coliseum and its thrilling theme exhibit. The city has provided the Opera House, the Playhouse and the Fine Arts Pavilion. Many other state and city owned buildings also make up the World's Fair complex.

The Century 21 Exposition became a sanctioned and full-fledged world's fair two years ago when the Bureau of International Expositions endorsed the Seattle fair. The bureau's 30 member nations were authorized to participate in the fair.

The themes of the fair have been developed in five major areas, or "worlds," and several minor ones. Each of the worlds occupies an area on the grounds.
The theme areas are the World of Science; the World of Century 21, the World of Commerce and Industry, the World of Entertainment and the World of Art. The areas are tied together by the Boulevards of the World, which contain a variety of shops, exhibits and places to eat. Three other important segments of the World's Fair are the Food Circus, a large building near the center of the grounds which is filled with restaurants, snack bars and soft drink stands, the Gayway, which is the amusement zone, and Show Street, which is the adult entertainment center.

This Official Guide Book contains sections for each of the theme areas, plus much additional information about the fair and about the great Pacific Northwest. For easy location, see the table of contents for the section and page numbers.

The general map on pages four and five will serve to orient you on the grounds. In addition, each section contains a detailed map pertaining to the area.

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