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Expo'70 Osaka Japan

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Expo'70 Osaka Japan
Editeur : Kennosuke Ihara - Shinjudo Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Année de sortie : 1970
Langue : Anglais



First world exposition in the Orient
The first world exposition was held in London in 1851. Since then many world expositions have been held in various parts of Europe and America.
Expo'70 is the first world exposition ever held in the Orient. And it is sincerely hoped that this international event wiII be instrumental not only in presenting Japan as the host country to all the peoples of the world but also in providing a bridge between the Orient and the Occident for the future of e arts, sciences and humanities.

Largest in History—participants growing
As of June 20, 1969, 72 countries, Washington State from U.S.A., 3 provinces from Canada, San Francisco and 4 international organizations have officially announced their participation in Expo'70.
Expo'70 is! already the largest world exposition in history concerning the number of participating countries. Among Japanese participants, the Japanese central government, 3 governmental organizations and 28 private groups and concerns are showing the finest in arts and technology.

Theme... "Progress and Harmony for Mankind"
Since the Brussels World Exposition in 1958, it has become characteristic of a world exposition to have a theme to make clear the significance of the exposition.
"Technology and Humanism" was chosen as the central theme for the Brussels Fair and "Man and His World" for Expo'67.
Civilization must progress in harmony. This concept is very significant in view of the apprehension that with swift technological advances, mankind, unable to exercise adequate control over them, may eventually be destroyed.
The central theme "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" has been selected to remind mankind of the dangers that today's world faces and to lead the way toward progress through harmony.

Fascinating pavilions
Over 70 countries with more than 80 pavilions cooperate to develop the central theme "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" and are putting the finest of their arts and sciences on display at Expo'70. Participating local governments, international organizations and foreign and Japanese enterprises also refer to their past histories, their present endeavors and future plans in constructing their pavilions.
Inside the pavilions, various attractions and performances take place. A movie with a 360 degree dam-shaped screen and accompanying sound effects, simulated space travels, and actual wedding ceremonies of couples invited from various places in the world are just a few of the special treats.
There is also a strong possibility that a stone from the moon will be among the exhibits.

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