Yugoslavia Pavilion / Pavilhão da Jugoslávia

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Yugoslavia Pavilion / Pavilhão da Jugoslávia

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: Yugoslavia - Ocean of Energy
Area: 324 sqm
Author: Ognjen Djurovic
Visit duration: 10 m
Capacity: 75 visitors Expected visitors: 10,000 per day
Shop: traditional products and drinks
National Day: June 23
Additional information: a Yugoslav (Jadran, i.e. Adriatic Sea) boat will be at the Nautical Exhibition.

A boat-shaped enclosure dominated by natural materials

The Yugoslavians are committed to functionality and show their country's optimism for the future. Inside the pavilion, which has been transformed into a boat, natural materials such as wood (in the structures) and cotton (in the sails) dominate. Among exhibitions of treasures recovered from the bottom of the sea and a multi-day centre where the public can obtain detailed information about this territory, the highlight is The Great Danube Sailor, a virtual reality game.

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