South Africa Pavilion / Pavilhão da África do Sul

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South Africa Pavilion / Pavilhão da África do Sul

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: South Africa and the Oceans
Area: 648 m2
Visit length: 15 to 20 m.
National Day: 3 August

The History of a country made of mixed races and cultures

Bordered by two oceans - the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean - South Africa reproduces these two completely different marine ecosystems in its pavilion. Visitors also have the opportunity to meet one of the oldest dinosaurs in the world (Massospondylos) and the hominid known as the Foot Lady (Australopithecus africanus). In addition to the synthetic rocks at the entrance, which symbolise resistance to the natural and political events this country has been going through, exhibits on traditional fishing methods, boat models and marine fossils can also be enjoyed.

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