Russian Pavilion / Pavilhão Russo

Expo Lisbon 1998 - Architecture, pavilions, gardens, urban furniture, pictures, drawings, videos
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Russian Pavilion / Pavilhão Russo

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: Russia - World Maritime Power
Area: 1 296 m2
shop: Russian handicrafts
National Day: 12 June
Additional information: multi media consoles give visitors information about the country's economy, culture, science and history

Experience Arctic temperatures

Decorated on the outside with drawings made by children, the space demonstrates Russia's ability to provide water to the dry areas of the planet with the help of Arctic ice. On display is the underwater camera - the Mir - used by director James Cameron to capture images of the real Titanic, used in his film. And there is an area where the visitor "stays" several degrees below zero. In the centre, five acrylic columns are filled with water, with objects "sailing" by.

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