German Pavilion / Pavilhão alemão

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German Pavilion / Pavilhão alemão

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: Oceanis - an underwater station
Area: 1 620 m2
Authors: Milla & Partner (creatives); Lippsmeier and Partner (architects)
National Day: 1 June

A virtual journey to the bottom of the sea

The sound of the wind blends with the sound of the sea as you enter this labyrinthine spaceship which offers a journey one hundred metres below water level to the underwater station Oceanis, an imaginary world housing the latest technologies in the field of marine research. Then, the obligatory route is the Climbing Tunnel, the space which leads to the station and which acts as the first sample of the underwater universe. Then we arrive at the Maritime Archive, where the German coasts are shown and where visitors can experience the force of the tides through games of light and simulations.

From there, the journey continues to the heart of Oceanis: the Research Centre and the Engine Room. In the two most interactive parts of the station, visitors can navigate in German research boats, while information from all over the planet is constantly arriving, clogging the radio communications, the monitors and the teleprinters.
The tour ends when the visitor enters the Expo-Jet, a device that is simultaneously flying, underwater and amphibious.

Seated on shaking-seats, the visitor lives a virtual odyssey, in a mix of diving and flying that launches him to the Expo'2000 scheduled to Hanovers

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