Brazil pavilion / Pavilhão brasileiro

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Brazil pavilion / Pavilhão brasileiro

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: The Oceans and Brazil - From 1500 to the year 2000
Area: 1 296 m2
Author: Carlos José Dantas Dias
Duration of the visit: 20 to 30 m
Capacity: 400 to 500 visitors
Expected visitors: 400 per hour
Shop: Brazilian precious and semi-precious stones, handicrafts, typical food and beverages, publications, records, T-shirts, caps
National Day: June 13
Additional information: there are computers placed at a height suitable for children

The History of a country made of a mixture of races and cultures

The motto is given right from the front, lined with photographs of the various races that make up the Brazilian people. Inside, an enormous satellite image of Brazil covers the entire floor, welcoming the public and serving as a map for the visit. But, before setting off to discover the country, visitors have to pass through a Decompression Chamber that prepares them for a trip through the History of Brazil, divided into four periods.

The journey begins in Pre-Modernity, the period before Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived in the territory; then comes Dazzle, an exciting time shared by those who arrived and those who welcomed them; then comes Expansion, translated into the permanent conquest; and finally comes Diversity, the feature that characterises Brazilians as a people and culture.

Consultation benches, panels and small spaces, allowing access to computer and audiovisual resources, respond to the curiosity of visitors, who can also see various objects, utensils, miniature boats and works of art on display, all of which reveal the "brother country". In the tec-to of the enclosure, drawings of sea monsters, which populated the narratives of the Portuguese navigators, remind us of the importance of the imaginary for this nation.

The pavilion also has a modern Video-Aquarium, where the public will be immersed in eight tropical and typically Brazilian underwater worlds. The Video-Aquarium also simulates the Atlantic Ocean and large rivers, such as the Pontal and the Amazon

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