China Pavilion / Pavilhão da China

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China Pavilion / Pavilhão da China

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Text extracted from "Guia Expo'98"

Theme: Getting to know China
Area: 1 620 m2
National Day: July 10

A five-metre-long "miniature" Great Wall is one of the attractions

A giant 360-degree circular screen is one of the lures launched by the China Pavilion to attract visitors. The screen, with a diameter of 12 meters, surrounds an audience of almost 400 square meters with capacity for 200 spectators. A 15-minute film showing the country's emblematic landscapes and history is shown here. A replica of the Great Wall, the largest fortification on the planet, also promises to attract attention. In addition to the dozens of historical relics on display.

One and a half meters high, the "miniature" is made of shells and was built especially for Expo'98, by artisans from Northeast China.

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