Vienna Exhibition 1873

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chiara santamaria

Vienna Exhibition 1873

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I wonder if you have an official record of who opened the 1873 Vienna Exhibition. There are pictures - just a few - showing the opening of the event, but nowhere I could find the names of the Royalties who opened the event.
Can you help? Thank you.

Kind regards.

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Re: Vienna Exhibition 1873

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I don't know if a record exists but in some books, we can have some information

I have token this text in a book called "L'Exposition Universelle de Vienne illustrée"

" It is half past eleven, and numerous crews approach the main gate, which is besieged by everyone. Armoured carriages and simple cars were unloading the august guests of the imperial residence. They are Baron de Tinti, Court Councillor, Roktansky, Minister Banhans, Count Szechen, Court Councillor Faltte, Baron Suttner, Minister, Colonel Horst, Baron V. Burg, Minister D. Glaser, Dr. Russ, Governor Baron Weeber, the advisor of the Ministry. Leeder, Dutch Ambassador Baron Heeckeren, Knight of Tschabuschnigg, Minister Baron Pretis, Baron Habersen, Deputy Baron Scharschmid, Baron Hauslab, Burgomaster Dr. Felder, Ministers Dr. Unger and Dr. V. Stremayer, Head of Section Baron Hofmann, Head of Section Baron Orczy, Governor Baron Koller, Minister Baron Lasser, Deputy Dr. Mayerhofer, Minister President Prince Auersperg, Count Alfred Polocky, Minister of War Baron Kuhn, Prince T. A. Schwarzenberg, Court Marshal Count Larisch, Baron Hye, Prince Trauttmannsdorff, R. de Pipitz, deputy Danilo, adjutant-general count Pejacsevics, deputy baron Kübeck, prince Joseph Colloredo, governor baron Conrad de Eybesfeld, minister count Andrassy in the uniform of a general of the Honved, baron Konigswaster, grand butler prince Hohenlohe, the president of the Chamber of Deputies baron de Hopfen, baron Hein, count Chorinsky, baron Pratobevera, count Frédrigotti, general of the artillery baron Maroicic, baron Gablenz, count Lodron.

Immediately afterwards, the archdukes and members of the imperial house arrived. The Archdukes Karl Ludovic, Ludovic Victor, Albrecht, Wilhelm, Siegmund and Johann Salvalor, the Grand Dukes of Tuscany and Modena."


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