The Japan Architect - Expo 70 Projects


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The Japan Architect - Expo 70 Projects

par worldfairs » 10 oct. 2012 09:17 pm

JA -The Japan Architect - INternational Edition of Shinkenchiku
Année de sortie : 1969
Langue : Anglais


Introduction Taizo Ishizaka ( President of Japan Association for Expo'70):

Destined to be the festival of the century, and currently the subject of global interest, the Osaka World Exposition will open on March 15, 1970, at Senri Hills, near Osaka. Fortunately, work on the site is proceeding according to schedule, and we can be safe in the assurance that everything will begin as planned. More than forty domestic and foreign groups have already completed groundbreaking ceremonies, and steel and concrete towers, completely altering the former forests and groves of Senri, are now rising in promise of the many unusual buildings that will demonstrate what an exposition for all mankind should be. The daily increasing numbers of visitors coming to observe the progress on the sites keep receptionists busy and happily indicate the degree of interest already surrounding the project.

Having now the sixty-five-nation mark, the number of foreign participating governments is greater than that at the Montreal EXPO sixty-five-nation '67, and when the remaining nations whose participation is nearly assured have joined the group to bring the number taking part to over seventy, the Osaka EXPO will become the largest in history. The numerous African and Asian nations scheduled to take part are a matter for special rejoicing on our part.

Equally as important as the number of participants, plans for the many events and art displays, moving ahead under the guidance of skilled producers, indicate that EXPO '70 will offer the world a more dazzling array of entertainment and beauty than has ever been seen before.
Frankly, certain that EXPO '70 will be a great success, all of us connected with it are devoting ourselves to the task of making it the finest exposition possible, and to this end we request your understanding and assistance.