Turkish pavilion


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Turkish pavilion

par worldfairs » 16 déc. 2011 08:30 am

seen on http://www.koreaherald.com

Turkish Embassy said on Thursday it would showcase its cultural tradition as well as other rich aspects of the country at the forthcoming 2012 Yeosu Expo.

At a press conference, Turkish Ambassador Naci Saribas outlined the plan for the expo aimed at allowing international visitors to experience aspects of Turkey including arts, culture and cuisine.

Under the theme of “Land of Civilization, Connecting Seas and Continents,” the Turkey pavilion is set to highlight Turkey’s food, choreography, arts, literature, music and other modern features that shape the country.

Sub themes are “Turkey; Civilizations Along Seas, Seas Along Civilizations” and “Water and Sea, From a Drop to an Ocean” in a bid to shed light on the marine life and related environment factors, as well as the interaction between humans and the sea.

The main hall will stress a concept of unity in multiplicity and multiplicity in unity, and a variety of cultural and art-related events and displays are planned.

Saribas said the Yeosu Expo will further strengthen ties between Turkey and South Korea, while projecting the number of visitors to the Turkey pavilion would reach 300,000.