The Expo Celebration


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The Expo Celebration

par worldfairs » 26 sept. 2014 07:20 pm


Préface :

British Columbia invited the world and in the sparkling summer of 1986 they came.

On May 2,1986, the world began to arrive in Vancouver-Canada’s third largest city, nestled between the Coastal Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean.

Nations, provinces, states and corporations brought their historic treasures and finest modern achievements to the 173-acre site. The history and state of the art in mobility and communication were displayed in ways as varied and original as the people who participated.

Performers came from near and far to entertain in theatres, cabarets, on open stages and throughout the length and breadth of the Exposition.

As the first guests arrived for the 165-day spectacular of EXPO 86, fifty of Canada’s top photographers began their work of capturing the essence and spirit of the Exposition-a global Celebration of mankind’s finest achievements in transportation and communication. What you hold in your hands is the result of over a hundred thousand clicks of the shutter, hundreds of hours of interviews and thousands of late night hours over the editing table.

Rekindle the memories, sample again the magic that was EXPO 86, through the pages of The Expo Celebration: The Official Retrospective Book. Powerful images and insightful words-many of them from guests, participants and performers-give the reader a lasting souvenir of the Exposition. A celebration of images. A celebration of people and nations. A celebration of life. The Expo Celebration.