Livres sur l'exposition de New Orleans de 1984 (Expo'84)


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Re: Livres sur l'exposition de New Orleans de 1984 (Expo'84)

par worldfairs » 14 janv. 2012 08:50 pm

The 1984 New Orleans World'S Fair
Auteur : Bill Cotter
Editeur : Arcadia Publishing
Année de sortie : 2009
Langue : Anglais


Description :

In 1984, the city of New Orleans hosted the last world’s fair held in the United States.

Conceived as part of an ambitious effort to revitalize a dilapidated section of the city and establish New Orleans as a year-round tourist destination, it took more than 12 years of political intrigue and design changes before the gates finally opened.

Stretching 84 acres along the Mississippi River, the fair entertained more than seven million guests with a colorful collection of pavilions, rides, and restaurants during its six-month run. While most world’s fairs lose money, the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair had the dubious distinction of going bankrupt and almost closing early.

However, the $350-million investment did succeed in bringing new life to the area, which is now home to the city’s convention center and a bustling arts district.

Livres sur l'exposition de New Orleans de 1984 (Expo'84)

par worldfairs » 08 déc. 2010 05:01 pm

The Official World's Fair Guidebook New Orleans 84
Année de sortie : 1984
Langue : Anglais


Préface :

World's Fair publications are difficult projects even under the best of circumstances. The "best" however, are circumstances seldom encountered. Information is in short supply and constantly changing; an international exhibitor has not yet decided whether to use a theatre in the round or a film as a highlight of its pavilion; a corporation has not decided if its exhibit will encompass 500 square feet or 5000; a concessionaire does not yet know the location of his food stand. All of these decisions are yet to be made and the Guidebook must be at the printer to meet production schedules for delivery by the opening day of the Fair.

Added to this is the task of gathering photographs, illustrations and architectural renderings to be used to create a visual image of the site that is still under
construction when the Guidebook is on its way to the printer.

In order to overcome these and the hundreds of other obstacles (major and minor) encountered while producing the World's Fair publications, a herculean effort was extended by a staff who displayed the highest standards of professionalism under the most difficult of circumstances. These people are listed in the masthead but I would like to recognize them again: Linda Delery, Editor; Margaret Boebel, Production Manager; Jean Stastny, Project Director; Steven Singer, Designer and Art Director; Tom Braly, Marketing Director.

This Guide has been planned from its conception to be an easy-to-use and interesting publication as well as a fitting souvenir for this very special event. You will find that it fulfills all these expectations and more.

This venture has been an unforgettable experience for myself and it is my wish that the Official World's Fair Publications will add to the enjoyment of every visitor.