Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition


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Re: Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

par worldfairs » 12 sept. 2018 09:55 am

Le livre complet en PDF:


Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

par worldfairs » 12 sept. 2018 09:48 am

Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Editeur : Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Année de sortie : 1904
Pages: 200
Langue : Anglais



The publishers of the Official Guide present this volume to the visitors to the great Louisiana Purchase Exposition in the hope that it will prove an indispensable companion, serviceable in preliminary study, useful in directing a tour of the grounds and buildings, and valuable for after-reference because of its store of documentary records and official data concerning the development of this most wonderful exhibition of human progress. It contains in its first pages a comprehensive programme fitted to a limited stay at the Exposition. Following this are brief descriptive features of the Fair. In addition, there are monographs which epitomize important official and historical information for the benefit of the visitor. A roster of officers and commissioners, with their several functions and official addresses, is also presented. There are tables containing programmes and other important data which will be found most valuable. A system of designating marks is employed to bring these supplementary features into connection with the daily programme so that the visitor may command these topics in their appropriate places or omit them as his interest dictates. Appended to the Official Guide is a cross index and a table of contents, so that with the book in hand the visitor may make ready reference and find the location and description of any desired topic and secure full official data relating thereto.

Interspersed throughout the Official Guide are a number of halftones of the exhibit palaces, State and foreign buildings, and decorative features of the Exposition, which it is hoped will assist the reader materially in his study of the Fair. There is a fine map also of the Exposition site, specially prepared for this edition, on which every point of interest is correctly located and marked by a “finding index.” The hotels, railways, and street car terminals, are shown also on a skeleton map of the City of St. Louis, whereby the visitor may easily find the way from any part of the city to the Exposition.

The Official Guide, furthermore, gives succinct information about the public institutions, hotels, street car railways and recreations, and suggestions as to how these features may be best enjoyed.

Future editions of the Official Guide will be made as occasion demands, and additional matter relating to the Exposition in all its features will be carefully collected and presented. The aim of the publishers is to make this Official Guide accurate, thorough and complete, and an invaluable help to all Exposition visitors.