Expo 2012 YEOSU Korea


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Compte rendu photographique de la session du 26 novembre

par Gaël » 06 déc. 2007 03:06 pm

Voilà la page que je viens de créer sur expo 2012 choix du BIE lors de la dernière session du BIE au palais des congrès à Paris et à laquelle j'ai pu assister...


par worldfairs » 27 nov. 2007 08:29 am

je suis deçu par ce résultat, même si le projet au niveau architectural de Tanger était un peu pauvre (à mon goût).
Tanger aurait été le premier pays africain à accueillir une expo, c'est dommage.
En espérant, que leur motivation ne faiblisse pas, rien n'est perdu pour une exposition universelle dans les années qui viennent.

Expo 2012 YEOSU Korea

par Gaël » 27 nov. 2007 12:52 am

Ca y est ! J'en reviens et je n'en reviens pas... le Maroc a perdu et, contre toute attente, c'est la Corée du Sud qui remporte l'organisation d'Expo 2012 ! :shock:
Après Taejon en 1993, rebelote... ca va couter cher comme déplacement mais cela laisse le temps d'économiser pour aller là bas.
Bientôt, je fais un petit compte rendu photo de la session du BIE.

par worldfairs » 04 déc. 2006 05:16 pm

In fact, there are 2 problems:

- the first is a problem of copyright, the words "fair", "expo" and others can't be copyrighted, unlike "Olympic Games".

- the second is a problem of mediatization, all people know IOC and his logo (5 rings) but who hnows BIE and his logo? why simply because "Olympic Games" are more popular than "Universal Expos"

In my opinion, BIE and his logo must be more exposed in the media to allow people to distinguish the "true" or "false" expos.

par lemog » 04 déc. 2006 10:24 am

Perhaps it's also due to the fact that only 31 countries signed the convention about the organisation of these Expositions... maybe that make an artistic blur around the obligatory way how to manage some events.

Is it the BIE enough strong and powerfull to oblige the parallel expositions to be controlled by them ? I'm not sure. If the Nations don't give more importance to the BIE, it's sure that could continue like that, to see sometimes these kind of commercial exhibitions around the world...

par joan » 04 déc. 2006 08:17 am

Thank you for your responses.

Now that Expo has proliferated all over the world and the majority of the visitors to those Expos do not have the slightest idea that this one is BIE- approved and that one is not, a question arises: What is the raison d'etre of the BIE? No one would attempt to organize commercial Olympic Games, or self-designate a World Heritage... Why commercial Expos everywhere? Is it too late to register the logo? Isn't there any way to distinguish a real Expo from pseudo-Expos since a real expo is truly a fruit of unsparing efforts of the hosting government and its people?

par worldfairs » 29 nov. 2006 08:33 am

Hello Joan,

welcome to this forum and thanks you for your analysis.

I think like you that the word "Expo" can be used by commercial-oriented expos to help them to have more visitors, but I hope that people make the difference between these "expos" and the "real expos"!!!

par lemog » 29 nov. 2006 07:52 am

Hi... yes effectively it's quiete strange...

In fact, I think that will be difficult to policy that by the fact that everyone could made an "expo", not ? but I know it's very easy to play with words, especially depending of langages... by exemple, they could have much "expo" in france, and of course, it's not "Exposition Universelle" ou "exposition universelle"... and if there's in some countries of english langage... an "expo" is not a real "World's Fair" or "international exposition".

For the moment, the BIE just manage "International Exposition", "Horticultural Exposition" and "Milano Triennal"...

Is it all thematics expo must be controled by the BIE ? I don't know, I'm not specialist of that... just my point of view...

In any case, thanks for the news and to point this... of course much interesting :)

South Korea, a 2012 candidate

par joan » 29 nov. 2006 05:15 am

I would like to call attention of those who gather in this Forum to the incidences of dubious nature that are taking place currently in Asia. First, visit the websites of the two self-designated “EXPOs” at:


http://www.hallyu-expo.com/kor/01_intro ... ew_eng.asp

These two expos are neither registered nor recognized by the BIE. The “Organization Committees” claim that they are the organizers of the expos, but they are not actually “committees” but commercially-oriented corporations founded for the purpose of holding these events. You’ll also note that Korean people are involved with these enterprises; they officially define the aim of the expos as “paving the way for the coexistence of the mankind by spearheading the globalization of Korean culture and harmonization of various cultures around the world.”

I understand that preventioon of proliferation of expos of all natures and qualities like these was the original intention of the Convention agreed upon by many nations of the world. I believe that all member nations should act in line with the ideals of the Convention and respect the regulatory function of the BIE. Strangely enough, Korea is a member nation of the BIE Convention. They have been even chosen as a candidate to host 2012 Expo, while the Korean government has been allowing their nationals to liberally abuse the designation “Expo” without commitment to obligations required of the BIE membership.

Candidature corée du sud 2012 à yéosu

par worldfairs » 03 mars 2006 09:44 am

Voila un candidat sérieux pour l'expo 2012.
Un site web est déja en place mais tout en coréen.